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Details of built up area

  1. Multipurpose Hall - 1
  2. Classrooms - 5
  3. Seminars/Tutorial rooms - 1
  4. Laboratories - 3
  5. a) Psychology Lab
    b) Educational Technology Lab
    c) Computer Lab
  6. Science classrooms with lab - 2
  7. Library - 1
  8. Store - 1
  9. Principal's Room - 1
  10. Faculty Room - 1
  11. Office and Administrative Staff Room - 1
  12. Physical Education Room - 1
  13. Yoga Room - 1
  14. Art & SUPW Room - 1
  15. Toilets (For staff, Men & Women Students) - 16
  16. Wash basin - 11

Land & Building

The College functions in the property (survey No.112/3 Aryad, Village) having an area of 1 acre (4050 Sq. Meters). At present the college has two halls (one can accommodate 250 student teachers and other 100 student teachers) and 18 rooms including Library, Laboratories, Faculty, Office, Principal's Room, Yoga room, Art & SUPW Room & Class rooms. All rooms of this institution are well furnished with wooden, plastic and steel chairs, office tables, benches, desks, almirah and lecterns. The total built up area of our institution is 16858 Sq. Ft. (1500 Sq. Meters). There are all together 16 toilets with ceramic tile floor and running water facility.


One acre (0.5 Hectar) of land in survey no. 112/7 of Aryad south village, Ambalapuzha Taluk. Thirty years (33 years) lease deed ( rent free) agreement between Registrar, University of Kerala and Municipal chairman, Alappuzha Municipality.

Description of property and building

North west corner of the compound. This contains the main building East- West ( Alappuzha Municipality No.V.950) and adjacent main hall- North-south; to the western side North- South building consisting of 6 classrooms ( No.951);Newly constructed single stories building – in the Northern side- East-West, (No.V.960) and double storied new building- East- West( No.V.961) and vacant land space in the North – West corner side of the main building and existing trees nearby.


Our Library is situated in a spacious room and equipped with 8351 volumes including texts, Reference Books, Educational Encyclopedia etc. that are relevant to the course of study. We are subscribing 8 Educational Journals of teacher education.

Books Nos.
Education 875
Educational Philosophy 294
Educational Psychology 518
Educational Technology 506
Measurement and Evaluation 132
Educational Administration 139
Research Methodology 223
Guidance & Counselling 179
Science Education 295
Physical Education 260
General Books 1148
Arabic 259
Commerce 139
English 540
Hindi 310
Malayalam 998
Math 348
Natural Science 235
Physical Science 327
Social Science 261
Reference 571


  1. Edu Tracks.
  2. University News.
  3. Spices India.
  4. Indian Educational Review (NCERT)
  5. School Science (NCERT)
  6. Journal of Indian Education (NCERT)
  7. Samakalika Sahithya Samachar.
  8. Grandhalokam.
  9. Samakalika Janapatham.
  10. Kera Karshka.
  11. Kerala calling
  12. Info Kairali.
  13. Malayalam Research Journal.
  14. Experiments in Education.
  15. International Educator.
  16. Science Reporter.
  17. Primary Teachers (NCERT)
  18. Bharatiya Aadhunik Shiksha.
  19. Prathmik Shiksha.


All laboratories are well equipped for conducting individual experiments.

Educational Technology Lab

The lab is equipped with DLP Projector, Slide Projector, Overhead Projector, TV CD Player, Public Address System, Movie Camera, 350 Educational CD's 35 Educational Related Audio Cassettes, Slides and transparencies.

Computer Lab

All the 15 computers (1 Laptop) in the computer lab have internet and antivirus facilities. The lab is also facilitated with speakers, microphones and headphones.

Psychology Lab

The lab is equipped with 22 equipment's and 70 test items. 13 tables and 26 individual seats are present in the psychology lab.

Natural Science Class with Lab

All the material and equipment's for conducting experiments in Natural Science syllabus of secondary school classes including compound microscopes, herbariums, human skeleton, different models, Charts, Specimen etc. are included in the Natural Science Class.

Physical Science Class with Lab

All the necessary equipment's and chemicals for conducting both physics and chemistry experiments of secondary school classes including simple pendulum, lenses, mirrors, Vernier Caliper, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Meter bridge, Wheatstone's bridge, Rheostat, Screw gauge, Potentiometer, Battery Eliminator, Pipette ,Burette, Spirit Lamp, Common Balance, Calcium Carbonate, Ammonium Nitrate, Magnesium Carbonate etc. are included in the Physical Science class.

Facilities added in 2015-16

Purchased LCD projector


Laboratory equipments

Installed CCTV for examination purpose

Purchased library books ( amount 42000/-)